• Fred Venema
    Director Flight operations and Nominated Person Flight and Ground Operations
    Fred’s been flying high in aviation since 1984 and has been an integral part of the Denim crew since 1999
  • Ronald Janssen
    MD and Nominated Postholder Continued Airwortiness
    A well-established high flyer, Ronald’s career in aviation began in 1984, reaching the upper limits when he joined the Denim crew in 2008
  • Michel Sneekes
    Quality Assurance, Compliance Monitoring and Safety Manager
    Michel’s aviation career went wheels up in 1992, reaching cruising altitude in 2007 when he became part of the Denim crew
  • Marco Schrier
    Director and Nominated Postholder Flight Crew Training
    One of our longest serving crew members (he’s been with us since 1997), Marco started his aviation career in 1991